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We provide the services to Structure the Unstructured data with Machine and Deep Learning technology.

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Let our AI Service Stack Accelerate your Business Resilience

Our additive Artificial Intelligence Service Stack (AISS) is the continuous learning platform with collation of plug-and-play microservices. We customize these microservices to support your requirements.

Experience sustainable growth in your business by leveraging our AI consultants, and  domain knowledge of your business.

Text Analytics

Includes deep learning models to develop personalized NLP problems and solutions to collate the information from the midst of text.

Vision Analytics

Seeks to deliver computer vision solutions to create AI systems that see, explore, learn, and reason from the images and videos.

Voice Analytics

Simplifying the Human Machine Interface by integrating powerful deep learning model-based speech solutions that run on any infrastructure.

Data Analytics

Offers data-driven solutions and Big data services to enable reliable IoT through explainable descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive models.

Our AI Service Stack Takes Pride in its Numbers


Billion Parameters

are Reinforced


Thousand Hours of

Voice Data


Gigabytes of

Unstructured Data







We Integrate our AI Solutions with Ecosystem of Your Choice

We thrive to deliver high-performance services and products through the primary technologies from our AISS.

We practice enabling continuous learning capabilities to our Models in the AISS, for them to get Reinforced over time.

We ensure the high-performance by Benchmarking the Reinforced Model under the defined criteria: Accuracy, Latency, and Computation Complexity.

We Generalize our models in the AISS to enrich the scalability of supporting various domains, languages, use cases, etc. 

Benchmark &

Are you ready to Accelerate your Business?

Our AISS is envisioned to include the capability of inferring knowledge from Text, Image, Speech, and other Numerical Data. 


The unique in-house model-building practices focus on optimizing capital and operational expenditure involved in AI-driven business solutions without compromising performance.


Driven by data-oriented self-supervised algorithms from deep learning enables scaling AI solutions to various domains and languages.


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