AI powered Voice Enhancer for Optimized Voice Analysis

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Reduce your voice analysis costs upto 4 times*.

Cloud based voice analysis softwares charges you based on the length of your voice recordings. Why not pay only for the value you get from your voice recordings?

Our AI driven Voice Enhancer Module suppresses all the stationary and non-stationary noises from the audio and recreates the audio with crisp and clear voice, which is perfectly audible to humans and is easier for cloud based voice analysis softwares to perform their analyses on.

Backed by the training with more than 60k hours of audio data, 20+ language variations and 40+ accent variations, our Value Trimming Module removes all the valueless parts from the audio, such as silent periods, pauses, ringtones, hold tunes, etc… and keeps only the valuable content in the audio.

What comes out through our AISS is an audio clip with only the valuable content, with a reduced duration. Run this RBG processed voice recording in your existing cloud based voice analysis software to get better analysis reports due to the enhanced voice and reduce your voice analysis costs by upto 4 times*.

*Based on our studies of voice recordings, The following pdf file contains a fabricated example of a typical call between a customer and customer care/ call center agents.

RBG VoiceEnhancer Performance Sample
Download • 54KB

If you would like our experts to provide a walkthrough of the AISS, please request a demo by filling out the form. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly to schedule a meeting.

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