AISS - Artificial Intelligence Service Stack

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research is giving rise to powerful products which have high potential to solve business problems, but there is always a gap between the research and its practical application. At RBG, the R&D team works on building Artificial Intelligence Service Stack (AISS) with the latest AI technologies to narrow down this gap. The primary techs from the AISS aid in solving the business challenges of evolving industries across various sectors. Here we aim to develop services that are transparent and reliable in optimized development time.

The primary techs in our AISS are benchmarked in terms of accuracy, computation, memory efficiency, and latency. Since we already have benchmarked bases, its continuous learning nature allows us to address our customers’ AI problems at minimal time with maximum productivity. These primary techs are envisioned to span the different verticals that include Text-Voice-Vision-Data Analytics. However the current version of AISS-v1.1.0, has the capability to blend the applications in Text and Voice Analytics.

With dedicated groups of mathematicians, researchers, and software engineers, our high-quality AISS techs are uniquely designed for extended growth. The design principles are flexible to run them as cloud APIs as well as on-premise APIs. We have worked around building a few use cases through AISS.

VoiceSights - Insights Extraction From Voice Signals

VoiceSights is for applications that include human-machine interactions. Provides high performance to gauge, control, and take advantage of all the variables, ensuring high speeds and accuracies.

Enables customers to interact with your products using both the voice and text
Personalized transcriber for voice samples that are specific to domain and language
Performs analysis on the recordings, such as sentiment analysis, emotion analysis, customer satisfaction etc

MedTranscriber - Automated Medical Transcription

MedTranscriber is for Healthcare providers who voice-record their notes and resourcing transcriptionists convert the voice files to text in digital format.

Transcribes voice reports dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals into text format
Build actionable intelligence from dictations that can be directly fed to EHR or EMR systems

MedScriber - A Virtual Medical Scribe

MedScriber makes physicians and clinicians more productive by digitally documenting the patient visits.

Gives direct access to team of remote medical scribes, while doctor taking care of the patient
Transcribed directly into doctor’s EMR/EHR using your personal preferences as per the one-term setup

Unlike the traditional way of identifying business objectives and then developing complete products around those business requirements, primary techs of AISS can be seamlessly integrated with each other in various sequences to create a complete solution which can achieve specific business requirements thereby greatly reducing associated time and costs.

If you would like our experts to provide a walkthrough of the AISS, please request a demo by filling out the form. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly to schedule a meeting.

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