AISS-VoiceDiarizer : Find Who Spoke What?

It is a technical process of splitting up audio recordings which have the multiple speakers into homogeneous segments. These homogeneous segments are related to each individual speaker. In short, it answers the question “who spoke what”.

How Does it Work?

As explained above speaker diarization segments an audio recording file into shorter, single-speaker segments and embedding the speech into a space which represents the characteristic of each individual speaker. Then, these embedded speech is clustered and labelled according to the number of speakers representing the speakers using numbers. This is the high-level workflow of AISS-VoiceDiarizer.

Other AISS-Modules involved in Diarization:

  • AISS-VoiceEnhancer: Used for separating the speech from the background stationary and non-stationary noise in the audio recordings.

  • AISS-VoiceSegmenter: Used to segment the audio file into small homogeneous segments.

  • AISS-VoiceValidator: Voice embedded into the space which represents the unique characteristic of the speaker then validation is applied to all the embedded segments and labelled

  • AISS-VoiceTranscriber: Extracts the text associated with each speaker and segments.

Uses cases:

  • News and broadcasts - Identifies and segments the news reader, reporters and guests.

  • Call-Center - Helps in segmenting the customer and employee calls by identifying the speaker.

  • Medical and Healthcare - Helps in segmenting the medical conversation between doctor and patient.

  • Information technology (IT) - Helps in segmenting the meetings and video conferences and identifying the speakers list.

  • Legal - Segmenting the conversations between partners, or transcribing conversation to use as evidence.

Unlike the traditional way of identifying business objectives and then developing complete products around those business requirements, primary techs of AISS can be seamlessly integrated with each other in various sequences to create a complete solution which can achieve specific business requirements thereby greatly reducing associated time and costs.

If you would like our experts to provide a walkthrough of the AISS, please request a demo by filling out the form. A member of our team will reach out to you shortly to schedule a meeting.

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