With dedicated groups of mathematicians, researchers, and software engineers, our high-quality products are uniquely designed for extended growth. The design principles are flexible to run them as cloud APIs as well as on-premise APIs.


Our Voice-in-Sights API enables customer to identify and extract the action keywords and its associated entities. Provides high performance to gauge, control, and take advantage of all the variables, ensuring high speeds and accuracies.

Integrate with your application to enrich the cognitive intelligence of your virtual personal assistants, simplify the human-machine interaction and build your own voice assistant systems. Our Voice-in-Sights models matured with more than 60 thousand hours of audio data, 20+ language variations and 40+ accent variations.

The S4Engine enables the Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries to structure its unstructured 3D models' data lakes. These structured insights help in performing Machining Feature Recognition, Shape Search, Partial Shape Search, Duplicate Part Identification, etc.

Our self-supervised deep learning models enable industries to deploy it with optimal time and without compromising performance.


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