Self Supervised Shape Search Engine

S4Engine is for industries that want to structure their unstructured 3D data lakes for optimizing production operations. With a structured database built through S4Engine, one could accelerate the operational procedures through the following solutions.

  • Machining Feature Recognition

  • Model Category Grouping

  • 3D Model Comparison

  • Duplicate Parts Assessment

  • Shape Search

  • Partial Shape Search

Why S4Engine

Self Supervised Engine

S4Engine is designed to work directly on raw 3D models without any annotations. Hence extending it to your data is now feasible and reliable.

Evades Cold Start

S4Engine's models are already optimized on 100+ Gigabytes of 3D models, which makes the adaptation time required for your data is minimum.

Benchmarked Performance

All our models ensure performance in terms of optimized accuracy, latency, and computation complexity. We benchmarked our models on the research datum in both the qualitative and quantitative methods.

Enriched Integration

The models ensures the scalability and easy integration ability, since our deployment designs are focused on rest based micro services. Commercially and logistically, S4Engine flexible to deploy as a cloud and on-premise solution.

Long-Term Commitment

S4Engine is uniquely designed to positioned for life time learning module, that gets maturity along with the time. We committed to support our customers with shipping the enhanced modules.

We Can Integrate With Ecosystem Of Your Interest 

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