Insights Extraction From Voice Signals

Voice-in-Sights is for applications that include human-machine interactions. Experience the advantage of state-of-art Natural Language Interaction models by integrating Voice-in-Sights with your applications.

  • Enables customers to interact with your products using both the voice and text

  • Personalized transcriber for voice samples that are specific to domain and language

  • A front layer for your conversational bot agents

Why VoiceSights

Matured Encoder

VoiceSights learnt from more than 60 thousand hours of audio samples which are having 20+ language variations and 40+ accent variation. This makes human-machine interaction feasible and reliable.

Personalized Decoder

The dynamic adaptation design helps your applications to scale easily to different domains and languages. With this, we are optimizing your build time.

N-Shot Learner

Helps your applications to extract actions and associated entities with minimal data and maximum performance. Your go-to market time for application is optimized.

Enriched Integration

The models ensures the scalability and easy integration ability, since our deployment designs are focused on rest based micro services. Commercially and logistically, S4Engine flexible to deploy as a cloud and on-premise solution.

Yet Learning

The design principle of continous learning capability ensures attaining high performance maturity that gained along the time. We committed to support our customers with shipping the enhanced modules.

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